At CalAIMH, we express our outrage over the leaked comments of members of the Los Angeles City Council directed against, blacks, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and others. All of our families are entitled to the benefits of an equitable society. Equity for all will not be achieved by maintaining the current racist social structure and simply replacing who is on top. Instead, social justice can come only through intersectional empathy and collaboration.

Additionally, we are appalled at the dangerous and illegal notion that the way to control the behavior of young children is to take them “around the corner” for a “beat down.” Our role in supporting families with young children is to help parents and caregivers find culturally-relevant and relationship-based approaches to raising competent, loving children.
As we aspire toward our vision of a California in which all children and families experience relational health, resilience, and overall well-being, we demand more from our leaders.

CalAIMH Executive Committee

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