CalAIMH is holding you in mind . . .

Developmentally sensitive care stands on a foundation of safety. Yet we find ourselves in a moment where many of us feel our safety is lost. The deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police shake us to our core. California’s stay-at-home policies have fractured many of the natural support networks that families rely on--the social connections that are their points of resilience.

Everyone is experiencing a stressful time. And for some families, past experiences with trauma make the current stress even harder to bear. For families who have faced historical racism, there is fear that nothing will change the system of oppression and violence.

Infants and young children depend on attuned relationships with their caregivers to feel safe
. . . to connect with others . . . to grow up to be compassionate, tolerant members of society. Parents and caregivers who are facing toxic stress find their ability to stay attuned to their children becomes compromised.

As we reflect on the pain, the despair, the injustice that we see around us . . .

We also see that a gift of California is the richness of our diversity. We can bring together the wisdom, values, and passions of multiple perspectives to strengthen our communities.

And a gift of CalAIMH members is their commitment to lifting up young children and their families, through the dedication of our daily work. CalAIMH members mend trauma through nurturing, healing relationships. We hold reflective space for our colleagues and trainees, supporting and lifting up one another, so that we can all take another step forward. We advocate for fair and equitable funding and resources for the most vulnerable.

There are many paths to change . . . infant mental health offers a path of relational health. Knowing that our work with families is critical, now is the time to recommit ourselves to our service. Knowing that our work with families is not enough to change the systems that put them at risk, now is the time to advocate for change.

CalAIMH Executive Committee